Medicare products are arguably the easiest products to sell in the industry because it is a necessity.  That being the case, speed to client is everything. Our proprietary data sets mean that we get our leads to the client first, so you’re the first one in the home!  Whether you sell Medicare supplements or medicare advantage, these leads are worth their weight in gold! Furthermore, nearly 40% of returned leads also check the box requesting information on affordable life insurance products!  The income bracket used for data demographics is much higher than final expense, which means more annuity opportunities. With over 10,000 seniors turning 65 each day, the Medicare market is the largest of all! . Our Medicare leads use the freshest and most accurate data in the industry, which is why MailPro gets the best returns and can charge the lowest amount for our wholesale agency partners.  We utilize extra screening tools and filters to reduce the number of below minimum income responses you get, and we refund any leads that have incomplete or phony data. Start your Medicare Buy Per Lead program today and your agents will start receiving your first leads within two weeks.  Not all agencies will qualify. Contact us today for verification.

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